Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sony reveal a couple of new videos for Playstation 4

In America, Sony is only 10 days from launching the Playstation 4 and while here in Australia we still have 23 days to go, it is exciting to see some new footage from the entertainment giant. Check out four videos below (Courtesy of IGN)

Games (1)

Games (2)

DualShock 4

Vita and Cross Play

Playstation Vita Update

It's here!! The Playstation Vita update that is going to have fans talking! By way of version 3.00 . The most exciting part of this is the PS4 connectivity app. Obviously it doesn't work at this stage you cannot connect to your PS4 that doesn't exist, but day one it will be working straight away.

In addition to this a new "Parental Controls"app will allow you to restrict play time, content rating, browser, location data and access to the PSN network. It really is a nifty feature for concerned parents, especially with R rated games entering the Aussie market.